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Custom designed to meet your specifications, Action Badges' service awards lapel pins and badges are manufactured to a high standard, giving you a well-crafted, unique item that your employees will be proud to wear.


Versatile Designs

Action Badges’ service awards are made to the highest standards. They can be used to recognize an employees years of company service or rewarding outstanding service. Service awards can be manufactured using base metal, sterling silver or even 9ct gold. The badge can be enhanced with synthetic or natural gems finished in copper, silver or gold.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of service awards that I need to order?

Minimum badge order quantity is 5, however the price will decrease for more award pins.

Free Design Hints and Advice

Action Badges offers free design advice for your service awards.

Top tips for designing Service Awards


  • Simple and bold design. Remember less is better!
  • Choose contrasting colours. Dark enamel colours look best with bright gold or silver (nickel) plating. If your colours are predominantly light then you may consider black nickel plating for the raised metal areas.
  • Choose any reasonable size and shape. Action Badges will create a die to produce your design. Don’t restrict your imagination - almost anything is possible!

Ask for free design advice from the Action Badges design team. Our experienced consultants can assist you with design ideas free of charge. Once you’ve accepted our quote, our artists will transform your concept into production-ready artwork.

Enamel Colours

A wide range of colours is available. Keep in mind that lettering and outlines are nearly always raised metal with enamel colours to fill the recessed areas. Generally up to four or five colours are available as standard with Action Badges’ metal Service Awards.


Your metal service award can be made in a choice of gold, silver, bronze or black nickel metal plating.


Your choice of attachment is entirely up to you. A safety pin or post with a spring loaded clutch fitting are the most popular choices. Many other fittings are available, including stick pins, cuff links, tie bars etc. Action Badges will be happy to advise you on the best fitting to suit the item you have designed.


Synthetic or natural gemstones can be incorporated into a service award pin that will enhance the badge.

Call us to request a free product sample. Get some ideas and see the quality of Action Badges’ metal pins and badges.


How is the price determined?

  1. Quantity - The more of the same badge you buy in the same order, the lower the cost of each individual badge.
  2. Size – the larger the badge, the more it will cost.
  3. The type of decoration and number of colours you choose will vary the cost.
  4. Cost varies between bright and antique finishes.
  5. Your choice of attachment type will vary the cost.

Each quote is calculated based on your design requirements. Our best price is provided for each job.

The price is determined by the following factors:

  • Size – as measured at the longest part of the badge.
  • Material – eg. base metal, sterling silver or 9ct gold.
  • Decoration – Synthetic or natural gems can be included at additional cost.
  • The Die – The die costs vary depending on whether it is a one or two sided badge or whether it is two or three dimensional design.
  • Delivery - Delivery charges incur an additional fee. 

What type of attachments are available?

Standard attachments for pins and badges are:

  1. Post & Spring Loaded Clutch
  2. Brooch (Safety) Pin
  3. Stickpin and Protector
  4. Cuff Links
  5. Magnet Attachment
  6. Tie Bar

What is the production time?

Normally production times are 4 to 5 weeks from the time you have signed off on the final artwork and have placed a firm order. However, if you have a tighter deadline, please let us know and we will advise if we are able to meet your required delivery date.


Generally you need to allow 4 to 5 weeks from the time you have signed off on the final artwork AND have placed a firm order.

If you need to meet a deadline that requires a shorter lead time please let us know, and we will advise if we can meet the delivery date you require.

You can collect your goods from ACTION BADGES’ Riverwood, NSW showroom. Alternatively, we will dispatch by an appropriate delivery/mail service to any location. A delivery/postage charge will apply.