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Custom Designed Medals and Medallions for Clubs, Schools and Corporate Achievement

Action Badges manufacture custom medals and medallions specifically designed to your needs. We offer a range of styles and materials to suit your requirements and budget. We can take your custom design or design a medallion for you. Our expert staff provide free design advice and can suggest the best materials, finishes and options for your

Medals and medallions are typically used to recognise sporting or academic achievement, or as recognition for employee performance. They are available in a range of heavyweight die struck copper-based medals or cast medals.

The medals can be made with gold, silver or bronze plating and have either antique or bright finishes and, if you like a splash of colour with durable enamel paint. One sided or two sided designs are available.

Tell Action Badges your requirements and we will recommend the best option for you.



  • Our medals and medallions are custom made to your individual design.
  • Medals and medallions are durable with outstanding quality.
  • They are a great way to reward sporting, academic or employee achievement. An excellent alternative to trophies.
  • Quality medals and medallions are ideal for establishing and promoting your identity.
  • Action Badges' medals and medallions are priced to suit your budget. You can choose from our range which includes heavyweight die struck medals and medallions or cast medals and medallions. Tell us your requirements and we’ll recommend the best option for you.
  • Action Badges' medals and medallions are generally priced lower than other award alternatives.
  • A wide range of medal accessories including coloured neck ribbons,  suede pouches and leatherette presentation boxes are available.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of medals or medallions that I need to order?


How is the price determined?

Your price will generally be determined by the size of your medal or medallion, as measured by the diameter.

However, the following additional factors can affect the price. 

  • Your choice of medal or medallion type - cast or die struck.
  • Use of coloured enamels may increase the cost.
  • The finish you require – e.g. an antique finish may increase the cost.
  • Your choice of two dimensional or three dimensional images, and choice of your unique design on one or two sides of the medal or medallion.
  • The extras you choose such as ribbons and presentation packaging will increase the cost.
  • The quantity you want to order - Quantity discounts apply. The higher the order quantity is, the lower is the cost per medallion. Minimum order quantity is normally 25.

Delivery charges are additional. Alternatively the finished goods can be picked by you from Action Badges' Riverwood, NSW showroom.

For new customers, 50% of order value is payable at time of order, and balance is payable 14 days after delivery, or on terms as otherwise agreed in writing.

Action Badges offers special prices to state and national sporting bodies and scouts and guides.

How is the size determined?

The size for pricing is the diameter of the medal or medallion.

What is the production time?

Normally you should allow up to 4 to 6 weeks from the time you have signed off on the final artwork and have placed a firm order. However, if you have a tighter deadline, please let us know and we will advise if we are able to meet your required delivery date.

Free Design Hints and Advice

Ask for our FREE DESIGN advice! Action Badges’ experienced Sales Consultants can assist you with design ideas FREE of charge.

When you accept our quote our artists will transform your concept in to production ready artwork.

Top Tips for Designing Medals and Medallions:

  • Keep your design simple and bold – remember, LESS IS BETTER.
  • Medals are usually two dimensional (2D) with parts of the design, usually the lettering and the logo, being raised with the background recessed. Alternatively an even more impressive effect can be achieved with a three dimensional (3D) medal.
  • Enamel colours can be used to enhance your design.
  • You can design your medal to be single sided with the other side either blank or with a laurel wreath emblem. Alternatively you can opt for your own custom designs on both front and back.
  • Choose any reasonable size and shape for your medal.
  • You can choose a number of medal accessories including coloured neck ribbons, suede pouches or leatherette presentation boxes.

You will see Action Badges’ excellent quality when you request your FREE product sample, which can help you to generate ideas for your badge design.